Neo Debug Board Schematics or Pinouts

Joachim Steiger roh at
Thu Aug 23 01:55:11 CEST 2007

Heilpern, Mark wrote:
> Are these signals TTL level or are they already RS-232? If they are TTL,
> is there any reason I could not use the BrainStem from Acroname
> ( to
> overcome this? (That device only uses TXD, RXD, and of course power and
> ground).

it is 3.3V cmos logic so NO RS-232 levels.

you could use that board you linked to connect to the serial console of
a moko, i think. at least in theory because you still need to build an
adapter for the fpc. and supply it with 3.3V (the specs of the brainstem
say it can be used with 3.3V)

you just need to keep in mind that the serial is getting switched on and
off by GSM_EN and some latches on the debug board.

kind regards


Joachim Steiger

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