Buying Openmoko GTA02 from Europe

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Well those were exactly my two thoughts:

1) Vodafone can brand it to a much higher level than ever before.
   -'unlimited' customisation
2) Since HTC don't want branded (and 02 won iPhone - though I'm not too sure) there's a gap in Vodafone's portfolio.
3) Vodafone can install their own 'branded' openmoko on the phone for mass distribution, but this doesn't stop the 'hardcore' geeks or 'educated n00bs' from changing the software over the the original openmoko.

I think also voda+neo and moko+neo (where voda is just voda branded) will help get more money in for the openmoko team, and in the long run that can only be a good thing to help pay for hardware/software development, and give the core developers a nice Christmas bonus!

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On Thursday 23 August 2007 13:27, Andy Loughran wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> My gut feeling was that Vodafone would probably be one of the last
> providers to support/distribute a linux-based 'open' phone given their
> reputation fro crippling devices with their own version of the software,
> none the less I also felt that the attempt was worth a shot - and
> hopefully he will see the potential of the device.

I'm not sure about that, the NEO may provide them with way more options to get 
the phone just the way they want it than any other phone on the market. The 
fact that a handfull of user will be installing there own unbranded software 
on it may not concern them a that much, most user will simply stay with what 
they get (unless its just too anoying off course). 


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