Convince me NOT to cancel my order.

alan at alan at
Thu Aug 23 19:11:36 CEST 2007

I am frustrated.  After waiting patiently for many, many months for the
hardware to arrive, and getting absolutely NO status information on my
order for weeks, I finally sent an email and I got this:

> I am sorry that we are not able to arrange your order on 2nd batch 
> which is in mid-August. Both Base- and Advanced- phones are running 
> out of stock. However, there will be another shipment ready for the 
> rest of back orders in September. Appreciate your understanding and 
> supporting. 

I then asked two important questions:

When in September?  --and--  When is the GTA02 expected to start shipping? 

Here's the reply (timely though, I'll grant you):

I can't give you the exact date but in September. As for GTA02, I think
that I'm not the right contact window or in a position to answer that. You
may keep a close watch on our community and on wiki sites. Thanks. 

Why can't I get quality, authoritative answers to these questions?

Unless I'm some kind of idiot, why would I want buy a GTA01 phone if the
GTA02 was to follow shortly?

Why am I not being given the choice to RIGHT NOW to be placed at the FRONT
of the GTA02 sales queue?

Why am I putting up with all this frustration reading about others who
-have- their phones and why should I not just cancel my order??

Convince me.

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