OM 2007.2 on mot a1200

Michael Kramer kramtek at
Fri Aug 24 16:48:43 CEST 2007


With help from openezx and some new patches and patience from A. Zhang, i
able to get a Mot a1200 to boot to OM 2007.2, well almost, and now i have
some questions:

- first what is the best om list for this work?  i wasn't sure if its a
distro question
  or what so for now i thought i'd try the community list

- what is the best way to handle submit patches that are machine specific?
  to get Xfbdev to work for the 18bpp a1200 i needed to include a patch that
  i grabbed from the mkezx project for xorg-server/kdriver-server - now X
  start with a screen spec of 240x320x18, but after that i run into other X

- is there any tutorial for themes?  i had heard that om 2007.2 would be
  for qvga, but i cannot find any reference to a qvga specific theme for

  when i've had complete success with a boot before (on mot e680) overall
  look good, but it might be nice to adjust some font sizes in certain
  and try some different icon sizes out.  is there any work planned for a
  theme for 2007.2?

thanks and cheers,

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