Convince me NOT to cancel my order.

John Seghers jseghers at
Fri Aug 24 17:53:50 CEST 2007

alan at wrote:
> Why can't I get quality, authoritative answers to these questions?

Hi Alan.  I'm not affiliated with FIC in any way, but I thought I'd give you
my viewpoint, for what it's worth.  You are probably getting the answers
they *can* give. Whether that "can" is because they don't know, or because
the business side of the company is not allowed to, we can't know for
certain, but I suspect it's the former.

> Unless I'm some kind of idiot, why would I want buy a GTA01 phone if the
> GTA02 was to follow shortly?

Because you can get it sooner? Because you want to support the project? As
others have said, because you can't fully test code without the real

If you are an end user and not interested in helping with the development,
UI design, artwork, and/or testing of the system as it is developed, then
you probably do want to wait.

> Why am I not being given the choice to RIGHT NOW to be placed at the FRONT
> of the GTA02 sales queue?

Probably because they don't want to offer for sale a phone they don't have
in production yet?

> Why am I putting up with all this frustration reading about others who
> -have- their phones and why should I not just cancel my order??

You are the only one who can answer this question.  Yes, it can be
frustrating to wait.  Even with a mid 2500's order number we waited until
the 2nd batch of phones.  We've even ordered another expecting to have to
wait until sometime in September.

You're not dealing with Verizon or AT&T... FIC doesn't have a ton of people
dedicated to processing consumer orders, nor do they have a stack of phones
in a warehouse ready to be shipped out.

However, I can tell you that I've seen prototype phones from other, much
larger, manufacturers that take every bit as long to make it to market from
the stage an early integrator gets to see them.

In short, if you value having the hardware as soon as *possible*, keep your
order.  If you just want a phone with as many features as you can

Of course, if you wait, then the *next* phone (whatever it is) will be on
the horizon...and your question will still be valid...and you can keep

- John

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