At the risk of being flamed : State of software

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	Subject: Re: At the risk of being flamed : State of software
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Quoting wim delvaux (wim.delvaux at

> GTK ? GTK is a graphics library on top of which you desperately need a higher 
> level of abstraction (e.g. WxWidgets).

I used GTK, either directly from C or from its Ruby interface, so many
times now, without feeling any specific need for a further level of
abstraction. The Ruby interface defines objects for the various GTK
classes, but then it has almost a 1-to-1 correspondence between
function calls and methods. Flexibility is not negative: it offers
more opportunities.

> Comparing with QTopia, if you look at all what has been acchieved with KDE : 
> K3B, Amarok etc etc all great apps using a 'non free' but freely available 
> high quality library...

I believe you are welcome, even encouraged, to do your own port of
Qtopia for the OpenMoko phone, and distribute it. If you do it, and
you do a good job, many people who buy their phone could follow
appropriate instructions and be able to enjoy a Qtopia interface from
day one. Maybe someone might even provide the phones with Qtopia
pre-installed (I do not know about licensing though).

But OpenMoko developers should have the right to choose the
development tools they prefer. It is they who have a lot at stake in
this project. The worse that can happen to you or me is that we won't
be able to play with a new gizmo. Sean, Mickey, and the rest of the
paid OpenMoko team are defining their future, while they put ideas to
test. Let them work the way they prefer.


PS I see that the Greenphone is on sale at $695. Any direct
experience? Is it possible to have OpenMoko running on the Greenphone?

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