At the risk of being flamed : State of software

Kalle Kärkkäinen kalle.karkkainen at
Fri Aug 24 20:08:03 CEST 2007


This is OpenGL ES stuff what I was (intending to atleast) talking about, 
the inherent ability in the core gui to use the new features for devices 
like mobile phones. Real interfacing with 3d that far surpasses the 
current expectation is something I'm looking for in a phone like this. 
That being pricey high tech phone that it is.

Yes, it's REALLY nice that I could be able to hack into it. Totally 
exciting prospect, sweet even.

But as the gui stands now, I hope there are plans brewing in FIC to beef 
it up before the launch. Call me vain, but the other phones in same 
price category are just somewhat much better looking (iPhone, LGPrada, 
having a design of their own other than just orange-black...). And there 
are some people for whom that kind of things mean a lot. Maybe it should 
be a priority to include them too, rather than exclude?

Of course some people might think, that once we get the ball rolling, 
the community will get this phone in the air. Personally I don't mind, 
apt-getting and fixing the setup is a second nature. But I'd hazard a 
guess that it'd be just the thing that would drive people away from 

Basically a single question should clear this up. Is GTA02 a ..?
   a) geek phone
   b) community phone

If the answer is b, I guess this sort of things should get some 
consideration time also on the community board. It should be nice from 
the get-go. The community should be able to help with that.

And since I've heard so many people in here saying 'why dont you do the 
feature XX yourself', I've got to comment on it: Empowerment over the 
device is a nice thing, only that not everybody has the skills required 
or especially the time required to do all those things. Bottom line is 
that organizations like Novell, Redhat or Ximian with paid people have 
done a great deal of focused work for the benefit of all. Most of the 
core features in the phone should come from same kind of businesses 
(say, FIC for instance ( I really appreciate your hard efforts )).

This holds true atleast for the first few iterations of the phones, 
while the community builds up and the phone starts to shape our culture.

It's great that I can change everything in the phone if need be. Even 
better is that I should not need to change anything, maybe if I just 
could get more stuff done, Stuff-That-Matters-To-Me. With style, with 
ease of use.

We just should not aim too low. We'll hit the nut sacks that way. ;)


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