At the risk of being flamed : State of software

Lorn Potter lpotter at
Fri Aug 24 21:03:11 CEST 2007

Tilman Baumann wrote:
> I like Qtopie too. Especially considering how well they could handle 
> embedded guis for years.
> But in reallity. qt and c++ is a limitation. Look how far Opie was 
> evolved during the last years and how god id was from the beginning. But 
> it still was more or less insignificant.

Opie is but a fork of Qtopia. Using Qt and c++ is hardly a limitation. 
Take a look at KDE.

> Then look how far Nokia got with theyr maemo gtk modell. Within half a 
> year they had a big community and lots of great programms ported.

Thats more because they had some cool hardware. Meamo is not all that 
free - it contains proprietary parts, which is a consequence of using 
LGPL, which is why Amgstrom does not build flash images for these devices.

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