Greenphone is not GPL (was RE: At the risk of being flamed : State of software)

John Seghers jseghers at
Fri Aug 24 21:29:15 CEST 2007

thomas.cooksey at wrote:
> Licensing
> =========
> As mentioned, Qtopia is avaliable under the GPL. Strictly speaking it is
> "more" open than GTK+ which is distributed under the LGPL (Lesser GPL).
> On the other hand, Qtopia is avaliable under the GPL (The full on GPL, not
> a "GPL-like" license, the GPL itself).

Be careful that you look at exactly what is covered under that GPL
licensing.  In order to gain access to the phone stack for the Greenphone (a
must for my purposes) you have to pay them almost $5K for a commercial

See the top line of the table on this page:

- John

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