Clarify openmoko != Neo1973

Daniel Spies daniel.spies at
Fri Aug 24 22:14:41 CEST 2007

Dear list,

I often read sentences like "I think I'll buy an Openmoko" in comments to news 
about Openmoko and the Neo1973. So how could we clarify what Openmoko 
actually is (a Linux distribution), and what it's not (a smartphone). 

Even the commercial website of Openmoko ( leaves the impression 
to me of Openmoko being a smartphone instead of being a Linux distribution 
*for smartphones like the Neo1973*.

Well, at least this is my impression...

Best regards,

PS: I guess all these news are from members of this list. So maybe you could 
add a sentence to all your news? Something like:

"Openmoko is a linux distribution developed for mobile devices. The first 
device it will run on is the FIC Neo1973."

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