Misleading title: Re: Greenphone is not GPL (was RE: At the risk of being flamed :State of software)

Attila Csipa plists at prometheus.org.yu
Sat Aug 25 01:00:14 CEST 2007

On Friday 24 August 2007 23:08:59 thomas.cooksey at bt.com wrote:
> doesn't contain any actual applications. Qtopia Platform is a set of
> applications built on Qtopia Core, which are not all licenced under the
> GPL. Looking at the Trolltech website, there is "Qtopia Open Source
> Edition" however, which "is a near-complete package of the Qtopia Phone
> Edition and Qtopia Platform source code. It includes an extensive source
> code for Qtopia applications and libraries.".

I don't work for Trolltech nor do I want to turn this into a qtopia-interest 
list, but please read a bit more carefully:

Q: What does the package contain?
A: Qtopia Open Source Edition contains everything that is in the commercial 
source version, except Safe eXecution Environment (SXE) – the security 
benefits of a “sandbox” on the device with the benefits of a native 
application approach – digital rights management (DRM) and telephony 

If you want check on the exact components, see:


The bottom line is the previous subject is completely false - please, let's 
not try to diminish any other OpenSource effort by spreading FUD no matter 
how much we _all_ like Openmoko, Neo1973 and the teams who made it possible.

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