Clarify openmoko != Neo1973

Simon simon.xhz at
Sat Aug 25 02:09:54 CEST 2007

The FIC Neo1973 powered by OpenMoko

I see these small banners in the future: "Powered by OpenMoko" that
would show up on different devices...  in the same style as "Powered
by Apache", etc...

My 2c

On 8/24/07, Patrick <patrick at> wrote:
> Daniel Spies wrote:
> >
> > "Openmoko is a linux distribution developed for mobile devices. The first
> > device it will run on is the FIC Neo1973."
> >
> That is too complicated for some. Some may even not want a "Linux
> Distribution", just that new phone. Don't confuse them.
> They'll discover sooner or later. And when other phones are available
> some time, they have to clarify.
> It's like I have a Nokia or I have Motorola Phone. Some may not even
> know the designation of their device. Openmoko is easy to grasp.
> just my 2 cent
> Patrick
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