WiFi vs. speaker

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Giles, your criticism is constructive and good so it leads to better 
device development. But there are some points that I don't agree.
Giles Jones pisze:
> Port layout seemingly done at random, poor layout. USB/power connector better at bottom of device.
No chance since there are antennas on both sides of device.
> Battery removal could be easier.
I don't have such problem. Everytime I remove back cover (with pain in 
my figers :( and that's the real problem) the battery almost pops out by 
it's own will... Maybe we have slightly different phones.
> Memory card under the SIM card (why? there's seemingly loads of space).
If there would be USB2 there will be no need to remove SD card much 
often. But still SD will be removed more often that SIM card, so maybe 
it should be somewhere else. Some phones had a SIM card slot directly in 
case like laptops have SD slots (if they have). Maybe Neo can have SD 
slot at the side of case.
> 2.5mm audio jack (use 3.5mm like Nokia N95 to get mp3 marketshare)
True, but remember about microphone and fourth "pin" in phones' jack.
> Power button location (location towards top is better, mine's also a bit sticky/spongey).
It doesn't bother me much but it's hard to push. We bought also 
white-orange Neo and my colleagues have used pen (sic!) to push it and 
there are some blue marks on button because of this.
> Aux button looks like IR port (does it have any use outside of the bootloader?)
The same thought about black Neos but white one have this button white 
also so it's not confusing.
> GSM antenna is at bottom of phone, should be at top of phone.
At the top there is a GPS antenna which *SHOULD* be there and that 
because GSM went on bottom.

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