Convince me NOT to cancel my order.

Thomas Gstädtner thomas at
Sun Aug 26 02:42:08 CEST 2007

You all do not understand the concept of a development release - and maybe
you never will.
Everybody who ordered knew what he would get, everybody had the possibility
to check what will work and what will not.
Sorry guys, but please just shut up.

(P.S. To not casting a damning light on FIC or OpenMoko: I'm not affiliated
to both.)

2007/8/26, openmoko at <openmoko at>:
> > Why am I not being given the choice to RIGHT NOW to be placed at the
> > of the GTA02 sales queue?
> Why dont I have a billion dollars?  I really want it and I could really
> use it...
> >
> > Why am I putting up with all this frustration reading about others who
> > -have- their phones and why should I not just cancel my order??
> Seriously, with your already pissed off tone, I would never get this
> phone.  I have one, and now wish I didnt get it.  I am not looking for my
> money back or anything like that, I knew I could be buying a brick and was
> willing to take that risk.. But the fact is I just dont use it.  I would
> think very early on the focus would be to reliably make and receive calls,
> which this phone cannot do.  If I could use this to simply make and
> receive calls, I would have it with me and thus be more willing to write
> stuff for it while I have some down time at work.  As it stands now it
> sits at home.
> I will have no interest in it until I can make and receive calls.  Not
> make a few calls, then reboot, then receive a call, then reboot, etc...
> Thats just my opinion tho, so all the linux nuts out there please dont
> jump down my throat.  The only reason I am writing this is so the guy
> asking the questions will get another point of view..
> Dont get me wrong, this phone has tons of potential, but I think others
> may be in the same situation as me.. And after a few months of it sitting
> on the shelf, I will forget its there and move onto something else...
> That is of course if we dont get a reliable dialer in the near future..
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