Power on device after being powered down

Jason Elwell elwell at smartlp.com
Mon Aug 27 14:50:45 CEST 2007

On Sunday 26 August 2007 19:18:16 wim delvaux wrote:
> I powered down my device a couple of days ago.
> I want to power it back on ... HOW ????
> 1. press power button for several seconds ? NOPE
> 2. pull out battery and do step 1 ? NOPE
> 3. press aux + power ? NOPE
> 4. Try all of the above while plugged in into the USB ? NOPE
> ??????????????????
> W
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It sounds like the device has lost it's charge.  Plug it into the the 
charginging cable at let it charge for 4+ hours and give it another try.  

Unlike many of the consumer devices you may be familiar with, the Neo1973 will 
NOT run from solely the USB cable if the battery has been drained.  To make 
things more frustrating, the device will only only charge in slow-mode when 
the device is in this state, you that is why you must plug it in for many 

Good luck!

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