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Mon Aug 27 14:56:14 CEST 2007

On Sunday 26 August 2007 16:32, Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> Largely because you don't get any useable open source licensed GPL maps.

The GPL has no real meaning in map terms since it does not have the 
source/binary relation an application has - unless of course you mean GPL = 
download for free, which is not the point of GPL. Maps are much, much 
trickier due to question of authority (so somebody accidentally doesn't 
change the map so you get lost), privacy concerns, national regulations and 
bodies, etc.

> How about Trolltech ports Qtopia GPL to the Neo *themselves*? That would
> prove that it's easy enough (heck you could count the hours of work
> included and write up some whitepaper touting how portable it is) and

I don't really see the logic here. It's like Intel making a new processor and 
saying now Debian should make a port to their brand new processor so they 
would prove Debian is portable... If they deem the Neo1973 to be a sufficent 
part of the market they will port it, no doubt, but until then, it would be 
like admitting greenphone is a failure, so I expect an official release of 
qtopia for the Neo1973 no more than an official OpenMoko release for the 
greenphone. It would, however, really be surprising if sooner or later some 
enthusiast wouldn't port qtopia to the Neo1973.

> people could chose themselves.  It would also mean that people get to try
> Qtopia on a reasonably priced phone!

Actually, considering the postage and customs costs of OpenMoko, it is roughly 
the same for my location which not Antarctica but practically the center of 
Europe :(

> very good toolkit, so I'm not at all opposed to Qt, quite the opposite
> really and I also understand why Qt can't be LGPL.

I think that dual licensing is actually a much bigger benefit for the OSS 
community than LGPL is.
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