Power on device after being powered down

Giles Jones giles.jones at zen.co.uk
Mon Aug 27 15:36:31 CEST 2007

On 27 Aug 2007, at 14:15, Krzysztof Kajkowski wrote:

> I wonder that this could be serioul hickup after going public... I can
> already see all those frustrated users who left their phones for night
> and in the morning they cannot make important phone call. And they
> have to wait for 4 hours just to turn fast charging! That is not very
> practical.

Indeed, most people don't care about the technical reasons for it.  
It's to be expected that the power management when the device is  
switched on may be weak, but why does the battery drain so fast when  
it's switched off?

Do we need to remove the battery to ensure the phone is definitely  
powered down?

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