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On 8/27/07, Lalo Martins <lalo.martins at> wrote:
> Also spracht Luca Dionisi (Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:04:39 +0200):
> > On 8/19/07, Harald Welte
> >> depends on what you think.  GTA02 phase-1 will probably be october.
> >
> > What is GTA02 phase-1 ?
> Better wait for someone from OpenMoko to answer, but while they don't,
> here's what I understood from Sean's wonderful presentation in Beijing
> last week:
> phase 0: "building the community" -- releasing specs, emulator, etc
> phase 1: limited (developer) sales -- beta, if you wish
> phase 2: open commercial sales
> And those three apply for any past or future OpenMoko product.
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>                                                Lalo Martins

I vaguely recall someone from OM saying that just as GTA01 had two phases (0
and 1) with different levels of deployment, GTA02 would most likely have at
least two phases (1 and 2? or maybe 0, 1 and 2).

My prediction is that software-wise, the neo probably won't be ready for
mass release in October, but the hardware should be ready and people who
have no problems with updating software should be able to get it by then.
Just my guess though. Best to let someone from OM give an official answer.
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