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Tue Aug 28 22:21:29 CEST 2007

alan at wrote:
> Also, while I'm at it (and I have your attention), there are a few
> horifically basic handset design issues that need to be addressed in future
> FIC/OpenMoko hardware designs that looking at the iPhone makes painfully
> obvious:
> 1) Shape.  The hemisphere on the bottom of the GTA01/02 phone will not
> allow the phone to remain upright in a breast pocket.  It will always cant
> to one side or the other.  The bottom needs to be pretty much squared off.
> Doing my best to not sound "Pissed off" or "Disgruntled" here...
> Alan

Unfortunately this is half the story.
Whatever I ever kept in my pocket fell out and broke if my pocket was 
not buttoned at the top.
Glasses phones pdas ... you name it.
The requirement to have your pocket buttoned up is way more important.
So the requirement  that it must be flat at the bottom is superficial.

I prefer the aesthetic look of the Neo and there is nothing more 
comfortable to handle than a symmetric design.

Point in case, a classical rounded edge shaped bar of soap is the 
easiest to handle....Square soap never worked for me.

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