Myth Busting FTW

Richard Franks spontificus at
Wed Aug 29 04:53:53 CEST 2007

Heh! It's an Apple fan site, so you can't expect any attempt at
objectivity - as the forum following up the article shows:

Given that Apple fans already have the phone of their dreams, it is
quite the compliment that they should feel the need to devote such
time, energy and FUD to attack their perceived 'rival'. As when
Microsoft compared Linux with Communism - the more rabid the attack,
the more insecurity lies beneath.

Oh, and attacking the ideas wiki rather humourously misses the point ;-)

Nuthin' to see here iThink...


On 8/28/07, Nkoli <coomac at> wrote:
> Somebody really has their knickers in a bunch.
> All that FUD is making me woozy @_@
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