Convince me NOT to cancel my order.

Joe Friedrichsen pengi.films at
Wed Aug 29 11:15:58 CEST 2007

On 8/28/07, admin at <admin at> wrote:
>  Read the post before you jump to conclusions.
>  The suggestion was to make at least the bottom square.

I did:

On 8/28/07, admin at <admin at> wrote:
> I prefer the aesthetic look of the Neo and there is nothing more
> comfortable to handle than a symmetric design.
> Point in case, a classical rounded edge shaped bar of soap is the
> easiest to handle....Square soap never worked for me.

The structure and order of your statements give the impression that
your 'point in case' refers to your preference of symmetric designs.
That example compares two symmetric shapes as if one were not.

The square-bottomed Neo suggestion is still symmetric about two of the
three axes as well :-P


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