At the risk of being flamed : State of software

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Wed Aug 29 17:52:44 CEST 2007

Attila Csipa wrote:
> On Monday 27 August 2007 17:24, Giles Jones wrote:
>>It means a heck of a lot if you can't earn back the outlay. Mobile
> If you _can_ earn it back directly through selling proprietary software for 
> it, OpenMoko is a mockery of the GPL. In that case you are not creating a 
> truly free platform, but a low-cost platform for closed source vendors who 
> are unable or unwilling to pay SDK and/or license fees. This is getting 

So 'true GPL' systems should discourage users installing commercial 

If there is no open-source alternative, and I choose to sell commercial 
software that users can install on their phone, how is this wrong?

Or as a user, if I choose to buy?

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