Two finger input methods (PyGTK demos)

Lars Hallberg lah at
Thu Aug 30 20:12:00 CEST 2007

This is a new one (Layout is 'numlock' one):

12 keys... tap a key for main function. Drag to any of the other keys 
for 11 secondary functions. A total of 12*12=144 combinations.

To much to show... You have to press a key to see the secondary keys. 
Drag outside the keyboard to cancel a keypress.

A bit awkward to begin with... might work fast when You learn to know 
the most common secondary keys.

Know of no patent jet.

Old demo:

Tap key or drag in any of 8 directions. 9 funktions per key, easier 
strokes (bigger end target, butt less functions per key may need to be 
compensated with smaller start target). maybe patent encumbered.

Both demos can easily be adjusted between 3x4 to 3x6 keys to test the 
feel. I don't know hove easy it is to get a PyGTK demo running on the 
phone... and they probably perform horribly. But I would be grateful for 
any report on hove easy the keys and strokes are to hit.


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