GTA01 now or GTA02 later

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Thu Aug 30 20:56:10 CEST 2007

Federico Lorenzi wrote:
> Hi guys, I'm wondering if you could help me make up my mind...
> I've heard that the release date for the GTA02 will be sometime around
> January. As much as I want WiFi and a faster processor, I've been
> without a phone now for 4 months, saving my money for a Neo.
> The software side of things doesn't bother me, I'm good with
> Linux and working with things. I just have a few questions:
> 1) Will the GPS licensing _eventually_ be sorted out?
> 2) Will the USB Device/Host switching be implemented any time soon?
It's at most a several line fix, so probably. If the hardware is not broken.
> -> Hacking in a WiFi USB dongle powered by the Neo's Battery...
> 3) Will the clock speed boost from 200 -> 400 make a big difference?
Well - it's 266-400, and probably lower power at lower clock speeds too.

> 4) Which would YOU choose, a GTA01 now, or a GTA02 in 5 months?
/me looks at his GTA01.
> 5) Is the GTA02 really coming out in January, or is it all a big lie?

And could you say where you are getting January from?

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