Convince me NOT to cancel my order.

Ian Darwin ian at
Fri Aug 31 17:14:05 CEST 2007

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:

> Product development is messy. There are literally hundreds of components
> in this device, all needing to be sourced with different lead times from
> different vendors. If SDRAM becomes scarce, we suffer. If a vendor has
> yield problems, so we do we.
> I encourage you (and everyone else) to see this project for what it is
> -- a truly unique opportunity to take part in the development of an open
> phone. This is a personal dream of mine for years. Even though we've had
> our fair share of delays, I'm still incredibly excited about where we
> stand now.
> Your support, by buying hardware, or just making constructive comments,
> will allow us to grow and help change this industry. We're still small
> now, but we've got grand plans ;-)

I worked in non-electronic consumer product development (many years ago) 
and even that's messy; I can just imagine the intricacies of trying to 
ship something with that many supplier dependencies when you don't have 
the supplier pull of somebody like Dell or Lenovo.

Even though I'm not a linux kernel hacker, I'm glad to be part of this 
project in my own little way.  If you just want to buy a phone that will 
work for you today, this is NOT (yet) the project for you; go to your 
corner telephone store. If you want to have a chance at changing the way 
the cell phone game works, maybe this is the project for you. But it 
will take time.

Thanks to everybody at OpenMoko!

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