need someone to develop this....

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Sat Dec 1 00:15:42 CET 2007

Beware. This is not a new idea. Patents?.... ;)

Btw. i would suggest bashing the phones together. (like a wood block 
This will produce uinique paterns which do not depend very much on the 
resolution of the accelerometers and could easyly picket up by a legacy 
microphone of any hone without accelerometer.

Just my 2 Eurocent ;)

PS: Great idea indeed. We need this...

PS: I know Eve could hear the sounds of the phone bashing together and 
play a replay attack. But come on, it is Bluetooth.
The only reason Bluetooth is not considered insecure is frequency 
hopping. The crypro layer is lame.

Heikki Sørum wrote:
> When were talking about different ways to use accelerometers..
> Bob meet's Alice and they both want each others contact
> information. First Bob and Alice shake their phones in an predetermined
> password pattern to unlock the
> bluetooth/zigbe/(whatever-short-range-radio). 
> Then they both shake their phones in rythm to an short tune
> playing on Alice's phone. The phones then pair with the 
> other phone, exchange simple authkeys and Vcards.
> Now Bob and Alice has authenticated each others phones and they got
> each others phone number. Lucky Bob and Alice!
> On an more serious note, Two such paired bluetooth devices could also
> exchange an RSA/DSA encryption key to ensure private
> SMS/MMS/conversations.
> Heikki Soerum.

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