Application idea: Bicycle computer

Christian Surlykke christian at
Sun Dec 2 15:41:32 CET 2007


I'm interested in using the neo1973 as a bicycle-computer, utilizing it's gps abilities. 

Garmin makes gps-based bicykle-computers, for example the Edge 205 Gps ( that sells for ~ $200, so the way I figure, if the Neo had bicycle capabilities, I'd save the $200 for a Garmin, and effectively get a great phone/handheld for $250 :-). That might be a good selling point...

So I consider writing an application that can do that. At a minimum the application should be able to:

- show speed, average, max, min, distance traveled,..

- show position, (preferably on a map - or at least record positions so that you can feed them into google-map afterwards), elevation, rate of descent/ascent..

Issues to consider:

- power consumption. I imagine running the application with a dimly lit screen, perhaps only showing current speed. Touching the screen should light it up, revealing more details. What kind of batterylife could one hope for?

- some way of mounting the Neo 1973 on the handlebar. Preferably with some protective cover. Does FIC or someone else sell such accesories? Would it still be possible to use the touchscreen then? 

- external sensors (cadence, heart rate) Many bicycle computers show cadence and heartrate, based on input from external sensors. Could something like that be done with the Neo?

Any comments/insights would be appreciated..

best regards 

Christian Surlykke

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