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The Polar HR Monitor equipment does a very simple 5hz pulse that can then be
picked up and counted to get HR data.The hardware simply amplifies pluses in
the 5hz frequency range, which could then be fed into a General Purpose
Input Output (GPIO) line on the Neo 1973 itself. This is great because it's
relatively simple to do, and alot of people have Polar HR stuff already.

 The ANT wireless protocol is used  in alot of upcoming bicycling sensor
products, Cadence censors, power meters, Heart Rate Monitors, Speed Pickups
etc. from a variety of manufactures (Suunto, Garmin, PowerTap, Quarq)  It is
significantly more complicated since it allows  multiple networks of device
to interact in different ways without interference. Fortunately most of the
complication is abstracted away by the integrated chips that thisisant
(parent company garmin) sells. These chips provide just a serial interface,
which is publicly well documented that can be used to communicate with these
devices. The easiest way to get started is to buy a suunto pc pod, which is
a has a USB -> Serial interface that is then fed into the aformentioned chip
that communicates to any ANT sensors. I don't know if/how the hardware could
be attached to the openmoko platform since I'm not really a Hardware guy,
though I suspect you might be able to pigy back on the i2c bus, does anyone



 Chip Doc:

 Protocl Doc:

Proof of concept:

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> On Dec 4, 2007 7:39 AM, Neil Davey <neil at> wrote:
> >
> >  If you are referring to the signal from the Polar straps, it is not
> really
> > a protocol...
> >  It is just a magnetic pules transmitted when the heart beat occurs..
> so is there a receiver chip one could buy to detect these magnetic
> pulses? I'm not quite sure how one goes about capturing that.
> Hank
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