Development env *on* the neo?

Lars Hallberg lah at
Wed Dec 5 05:29:04 CET 2007

Shawn Rutledge skrev:
> On Dec 4, 2007 7:13 PM, Lars Hallberg <lah at> wrote:
>> Thanks, exactly what I was hoping for. Is all in the default
>> repository's or did You have to hunt it down?
> Just do "ipkg install" like usual (assuming you have set things up so
> that the phone has 'net access, like via NAT over USB)


But I hit some kind of brick wall...

The dfu-util that comes with 2007-11 cant run om my ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy) 
system (seams not to be recognized as a binary at all. MD5 sum is OK, 
and yes, execute rights is set). The only other I found is from April, 
it runs but feels too old.

Specially as the README tell me to flash uboot (my is from May). Have no 
debugboard so I really not willing to take extra chances on that. 
Reports of usb trouble in gutsy does not make it feel better :-/

BTW: readme say 'use August uboot' but ther is a newer in 2007-11 dir 
itself. Is that less stable? Maybe I should wait for it to be stable, 
not having a debugboard I realy want to flash uboot as few times as ever 

Might later attempt putting kernel stuff on hold and upgrade with ipkg. 
If it renders phone unusable (until reflash) it's OK. But I really want 
a working 'pda' for developing.

>> My plan was to mount the sd card as /dev and use 'ipkg -d /dev' to
>> install all dev related.
> /dev has a reserved meaning (device nodes).

Doh, toooo late at night... should *realy* not attempt flashing uboot 
now :-)

>> But I'm not sure about all needed to tie it all
>> up (PATH, lsconfig etc).
> Maybe ipkg -d takes care of some of the work for you, but I haven't
> tried lately (seems like something was not quite right when I tried it
> on the zaurus a while back).

OK, Thanks for the info.


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