A problem with usb networking

geniere90 at interfree.it geniere90 at interfree.it
Wed Dec 5 21:34:32 CET 2007

Nothing, same problem... :(((((((((
I also tryied to change the configuration of my network: from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.0.x as yours. But nothing...
I think the problem is in ubuntu...

>(what follows is for Debian Linux.  If you've got another Linux, mapping this to 
>your environment should be straightforward.  If you're
>running Windows... oh, well).
>There are a bunch of things that could be happening -- in a nutshell, you need 
>to make sure that your laptop will route appropriate packets
>to your NEO, and that it will forward packets.
>My first problem when I tried setting up networking was that my home network is 
>192.168.0.x, and of course the NEO wants  So
>the first thing I did was to edit the NEO's /etc/network/interfaces to
>use IP, with gateway  I also set the
>DNS server to
>On my laptop, I edited /etc/network/interfaces to include
>allow-hotplug usb0 iface usb0 inet static
>        address
>        netmask
> -cut-

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