OT:administrivia -- a request to reduce duplicate mails

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Wed Dec 5 22:57:54 CET 2007

Joshua Layne skrev:
> Hi all,
> I am subscribed to several of the openmoko lists.  When someone copies
> multiple lists on a message, I get all the copies (usually 3 for some
> reason).  Worse, when anyone replies to the initial mail, they reply all
> and I get another full set of mails.
> I realize that there are valid reasons for crossposting some of the content
> (particularly by core devs).  Could I request the following?
> Send one email to each list (instead of copying all lists on a single
> email)

That's a bad idea for two reasons:

1) If the message was appropriate for cross posting, so is the 
discussion. Else we get a fragmented discussion repeating the same 
points in all lists, making thing worse for people reading all lists.

2) If it is the same mail it is trivial for mail software to detect 
duplicates and remove them. If its different mail the problem get much 
harder to handle technically.


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