YAMA - Map Application intended for OpenMoko

David Samblas Martinez dsamblas at yahoo.es
Thu Dec 6 23:42:06 CET 2007

Hey!!! this looks very interesting!!!, in spite of I have a good score in C practices ,  I were unable to afford a c development , and nor even understand very well what others are doing in their code. But java is easier(for me, is a totally subjective opinion olny formed for my skills and knowledge, no flames please) and I think a really working open java machine running on a ultra portable machine with acces to a gps, a wifi, gprs, accelerometers.... I'm salivating as Hommer in front of a beer fountain.
I'm waiting for the v2 to spend those amount of money (yes is cheaper than any other with this characteristics even cheaper than more with a lot less characteristis, but for me stills a money effort :) ) and have it as substitute of my phone/mp3/Jornada 680 handheld(runnig Jlime, I have done my OS practice with this little one) and even with a  keyboard as a  laptop  replacement some times.
But now I think I even can develop apps on(and for) it.

Any one have experience in Jlimo , in openmoko? , even an emulated one?...  I will try to setup an Virutal neo on my machine to try it , when I finish the exams on January.

Al Johnson <openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk> escribió: On Thursday 06 December 2007, Bartlomiej Zdanowski [Zdanek] wrote:
> Is somebody planning to let out Java on OpenMoko?


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