usb network dongle (was Re: dhcp on usb0)

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Fri Dec 7 10:26:29 CET 2007

> this is kind of going off at a tangent, but are there any decent usb
> network interfaces with linux drivers included in OM? personally, i
> would rather connect my neo direct to the router in my house than have
> to boot a computer as well, whenever i want to update packages. or are
> there other reasons to make this impractical?

The question I have about this is how do we connect USB devices to  
the neo?  Isn't it so that the USB Host port is only on the debug  
board?  If so, thats mighty fidgety to plug in and get set up with a  
USB hub and so .. I must confess I have cursed at the ribbon cable  
and its feeble, wimpy, connectors more than a few times since I got  
my neo ..

Jay Vaughan

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