YAMA - Map Application intended for OpenMoko

Schmidt András asch at freemail.hu
Fri Dec 7 14:58:09 CET 2007


I have missed that you replied my mail on the community list instead of 
the developer list. So now I reply here as well.

YAMA is designed to run on different platforms.

It is already compiled for:

    * Java Swing (any Swing capable desktop)
    * .Net Gtk# (planned for OpenMoko)
    * .Net Windows Forms (Linux and Windows desktop)
    * .Net CF Windows Forms (Windows Mobile PDA-s)

You can already download the Java and .Net Gtk version bundled with a 
small piece of openstreetmap.org map from here:
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=206985 (choose 
They work on Linux with Java and Mono runtime installed. They should 
also work on OpenMoko with the Mono packages. If you try it, please let 
me know how it works on your machine.

I have created a wiki page that discusses platforms of Yama: 

Up to now I thought that the Mono version will work on the phone with 
this Mono port:

Although today I have read on the community list that there is effort to 
port Java to OpenMoko:

So the question is still open.

My opinion is that it should use Gtk (no Swing) on the phone. (And the 
3D hardware later. Anyone who would like to contribute?)


Bartlomiej Zdanowski [Zdanek] wrote:
> Hello András.
> Schmidt András pisze:
>> I am developing a GPL map viewing application.
>> Project home page is: http://yamamap.wiki.sourceforge.net/
>> It has three main versions:
>>    * Java-Swing for desktop
>>    * C#-Windows.Forms for .Net CF, Windows desktop and Linux desktop
>>    * C#-GTK# for OpenMoko (and Linux desktop)
> I'd be happy to test it on Neo/OM. Sadly no AFAIK no support for Java 
> and C# yet.
> Is somebody planning to let out Java on OpenMoko?
> Best regards.
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