usb network dongle (was Re: dhcp on usb0)

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at
Fri Dec 7 16:13:16 CET 2007

Jay Vaughan writes:
>The question I have about this is how do we connect USB devices to  
>the neo?  Isn't it so that the USB Host port is only on the debug  
>board?  If so, thats mighty fidgety to plug in and get set up with a  
>USB hub and so .. I must confess I have cursed at the ribbon cable  
>and its feeble, wimpy, connectors more than a few times since I got  
>my neo ..

No, the USB connector on the NEO is a mini-AB.  That means you can
connect either type of cable to it, and hardware-wise it can be either
host or device.  I'm not sure whether the host driver is working yet,

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