need a compatible provider in central U.S.

Jason Joines joines at
Fri Dec 7 20:11:07 CET 2007

Richard Reichenbacher wrote:
> Jason Joines wrote:
>>     I've been successfully avoiding owning a cell phone for many years 
>> but I can't avoid it any longer.  I plan to buy the GTA02a5 version of 
>> the Neo1973 as soon as it comes out.  For the moment I thought I would 
>> go ahead and get a plan and whatever freebie phone comes with it. 
>> Anyone know of decent carriers what will work with the Neo1973, I 
>> guess GSM, in north central Oklahoma in the U.S., particularly at 
>> longitude W97.1, latitude N36.1?  I've been Googling and reading on 
>> the different network types to figure out what GSM is and what the 
>> alternatives are and if the Neo will use anything else but I'm mainly 
>> more confused than when I started.  I am aware of the 850 MHz issue in 
>> North America so I hope that's not a show stopper for me.
>> Jason Joines
>> =================================
> If north central Oklahoma is as rural as it sounds, unfortunately your 
> chances of being able to use the neo are pretty slim.  A very high 
> percentage of rural America uses the 850 band, whether it's tmobile or 
> at&t/cingular.  If the area is more city like, then you might be able to 
> get away with using tmobile, as they predominantly use the 1900 band.  I 
> know there was a map posted a while back of what parts of the country 
> use the 850 and what uses the 1900.  See if you can find that.
> Good luck,
> Richard

     It is pretty rural but the town I'm in has a population of about 
50,000 and is halfway between two cities ( 60 miles to each ) with metro 
areas over 1,000,000.  Maybe there's decent coverage here.
     I found some old news (2003) about tmobile expanding their 1900 GHz 
coverage in Oklahoma, Texas and further west.  I contacted them to let 
'em know I was using the FIC Neo1973 and would buy a plan if they had 
enough 1900 GHz coverage.  They're supposed to answer in 24 hours or 
less so hopefully they'll have good coverage.


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