need a compatible provider in central U.S.

John Locke mail at
Fri Dec 7 20:58:09 CET 2007

We drove through Oklahoma a year ago, and we've had T-Mobile for several
years. That's one place my wife's quad-band phone worked, while my
tri-band (missing 850Mhz) didn't. In fact, I think that's where I
figured out the frequency issue, found the info page on each phone to
find out that my phone (a Motorola) didn't have 850.

Seems to me my phone got a signal in Okla. City and Tulsa, but pretty
much nowhere else in the state... 20 miles out of Tulsa I had no signal.


Jason Joines wrote:
>     It is pretty rural but the town I'm in has a population of about
> 50,000 and is halfway between two cities ( 60 miles to each ) with
> metro areas over 1,000,000.  Maybe there's decent coverage here.
>     I found some old news (2003) about tmobile expanding their 1900
> GHz coverage in Oklahoma, Texas and further west.  I contacted them to
> let 'em know I was using the FIC Neo1973 and would buy a plan if they
> had enough 1900 GHz coverage.  They're supposed to answer in 24 hours
> or less so hopefully they'll have good coverage.
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