No Android on the Neo1973 - Only MyPhone left

Alex Zhang celeber2 at
Sun Dec 9 14:50:19 CET 2007

> So, to get Android running, you need a processor with ARM v5 ISA. I.e. A
> gumstix with its XScale processor (Both PXA255 & PXA270 should work).
> Anyone fancy having a go at putting Android on their MyPhone?

Hi All,

I am trying to get Android running on my motorola A1200E (based on 
PXA270) today. And now, the init has been running and framebuffer 
entered graphic mode from text mode. But screen is flashing 
intermittently, looks like phone is trying hard to load Android VM 
without successful.
Do I miss something? Can anybody give me some tips or has interests to 
research together? :-)
BTW, which fb mode is VM running? My phone is 18BPP, (and I tried 16BPP, 
seems framebuffer cannot enter graphic mode from text mode).

Alex Zhang

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