Community update: GSM firmware, 850MHz experiment, GTA02 progress

Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Dec 10 01:01:17 CET 2007


GSM Firmware update:
We've been informed that everything legal has been agreed upon by all 
parties, and all that remains is to get everything signed. Apparently 
the process of getting things signed takes a few weeks!

850MHz experiment:
As mentioned before we're looking into offering an 850MHz variant of the 
triband GTA02.

Since the GSM section is essentially the same between GTA01 and GTA02, 
we thought a good experiment would be to modify a couple GTA01 handsets 
for 850MHz and to test them out here in the USA. I just received these 
handsets on Friday and am now trying to figure out how to thoroughly 
test them. Rather than me traveling around the country, it might make 
sense to ship them to various users to test them with different 
carriers.  Please write to me if you are in an 850MHz area and are 
interested in participating.

Wifi driver:
We're making very good progress, but it's still not finished.

GTA02 hardware:
Still waiting for the Wifi driver to verify the Wifi hardware, but so 
far we're feeling quite good about this part. There are a couple of 
other things to verify, and as mentioned before we will most likely make 
another revision of the board, which will hopefully be the 
production-ready revision.


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