2007.11 snapshot available

Nick Guenther kousue at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 07:29:56 CET 2007

If we're bringing this up... it's already been had at
I favour http://www.strout.net/info/ideas/hexinput.html myself.

On Dec 8, 2007 6:23 PM, Ben Burdette <bburdette at comcast.net> wrote:
> Check out the Dasher text input system.
> http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/
> It is a text input sytem that uses 2 axis analog inputs, like a mouse,
> joystick, or tilt sensor.  Its very noise resistant, good for people
> with muscle control problems.  As long as you don't have to tilt so much
> that you can't see the screen, it should work ok for openmoko.
> Apparently its available for pocketpc devices, I don't know if any of
> them have tilt sensors and have used them for Dasher.  Here's a page
> about using tilt on a toshiba tablet pc:
> http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/saw27/dasher/toshtilt/
> There's a movie where someone is using tilt for text entry.

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