Community update: GSM firmware, 850MHz experiment, GTA02 progress

Cliff Brake cliff.brake at
Mon Dec 10 18:17:01 CET 2007

I would also be very interested in re-work instructions for modifying
a GTA01 to support 850MHz as many of us are capable doing circuit


On Dec 10, 2007 9:32 AM, Mark <markitect at> wrote:
> In regards to the 850MHz Issue:
> It seems that very little effort was required to switch a phone board
> to 850 for testing.  So my question is what exactly is involved.  Was
> it simply switching which pin is attached to the antenna?  If it is a
> relatively simple circuit change and involving only a top (or bottom)
> layer trace, is it possible to tell us what connections to change to
> convert an existing unit to 850MHz.  Obviously only  for the very
> experienced people.  If there is different capacitor, etc required to
> match the frequency it might be less doable, but details would be
> nice. once the design has been confirmed.  On a side note this is
> excellent news that the 850 variant may not be far behind GTA02.
> Mark
> Mark
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