Any chance to have a dual-SIM slot on futures products?

kkr kkr22.mpt56 at
Tue Dec 11 01:43:02 CET 2007

I remembered a discussion about how to use more than one SIM card in the

Until recently, I've only seen some kind of hack about it. For example,
in the battery or in a SIM card adapter (or by cloning a sim card =

It seems that some manufacturers (Samsung and Verzio) have integrated a
dual-SIM slot in their products. And both SIMs are active at the same
The Samsung DuoS gets around this by having two SIM slots in the back, 
and both SIMs are active at the same time.
At the moment, the Samsung DuoS / D880 has only been confirmed for
release in Russia later this month. It's a relatively expensive device 
at 18,000 rubles (around £350 or €510) before tax. Expect to have to 
pay the full price without any discount, because no carrier will want 
to subsidise a handset that another carrier will use and locking the 
device to a single network would be pointless.

I'll have use of it (professional/private number with two differents
operators) and imagine that will be wished too by people which travel a
lot (in a way to reduce roaming costs).

Any chance to have it on a future product (gta-03 or 04 ;-)?


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