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I believe I can comment :-)

The port that was done to that phone was done in collaboration with Open
Kernel Labs.  The initial purpose of that port was to exhibit at the ARM
Developer's Conference.  

Open Kernel Labs were the ones exhibiting at the event, not us, hence
our name was not on the exhibitor's list.  We worked with them on the
software, running our GUI on top of 2 virtualised instances of their
OKL4 product, and as Ian pointed out, we reported on it, because our
software was on display.

The timeframe for the port was extremely short, and at the time there
was only a single SH1 Neo between both the OKL team and our team to work
with.  In fact there was a rush to get that same phone on a plane to get
to the event in time, and so we unfortunately forgot to take a photo
before sending it.  So, yes, that particular photo was Gimped because we
had to get the press release out prior to the event.

However after ARM Dev Con, we filmed the software running on the Neo and
as Andy Powell pointed out, the link to that is here:

- Robi Karp

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On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 19:13 +0000, andy selby wrote:
> > Can anyone comment on this company?
> >
> > http://www.fluffyspider.com/resources/press/pr.20070925.0.html
> that picture of the neo is an early photoshopped version from the
> openmoko press office with a screenshot of their software superimposed
> on it.
> couldn't they get a SH1 neo to demonstrate it on?
> maybe the picture below it is also photoshopped.
> they dont appear on the adc's list of exhibitors
> http://www.rtcgroup.com/arm/2007/exhibitors/exhibitor-list.php
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