End-User Release????

Bert Van de Poel admin at rpgfamilie.net
Sun Dec 16 12:08:12 CET 2007

For as far as I know your provider just has to use the right network, 
GSM in this case, not 3G (correct me if I'm wrong).
If you want to buy a neo now your buying a development mobile and I'm 
not sure whether the software is already ready.

Greetings Bert

McCreery, Lee CTR DISA schreef:
> Is there an ETA for the end-user release?  I lost my phone over the weekend and need to purchase a new one.  I have been following this project for months and would like a NEO, but I can't wait a month.
> Also will I need an at&t SIM card for proper operation?
> Thank you...Keep up the great work.

Bert Van de Poel
webdeveloper and administrator
rpgfamilie.net and subdomains

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