Please help me with the openmoko-devel-image build issue

Xie Chaohong hamlinxie at
Sun Dec 16 14:26:06 CET 2007

Hi Pierre,
Thanks a lot for your reply. After days of struggling, I have to ask the same problem here.
I tried your suggestion, and now my /bin/sh points to the bash instead of dash. But, it seems that the build result result ends with the same errors as before, which shows that the errors occur during building the u-boot and examples. I have to delete the "uboot-openmoko" flag from the Makefile again to finish the build process, but, just same as before, that built result doesn't work.
I'd like to know whether you can boot up the openmoko system or not, because according to your previous mail, you encountered the same issue as me but you didn't have time to build another one.



在2007-12-11,"Pierre Hébert" <pierrox at> 写道:

On Monday 10 December 2007, Xie Chaohong wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm not sure whether these are the proper mail loops to ask about
> build problems. If not, please tell me one.
> Anyway, when try to build the openmoko-devel-image (openmoko 2007.2
> version) according to " Getting OpenMoko working on host with Xoo" and
> "Building OpenMoko using the MokoMakefile ", I encountered the
> following problem with uboot build (the error message is attached at
> the end).
> While, it can pass the build process if the"uboot-openmoko" flag is
> deleted from the Makefile but it can boot up the openmoko finally in
> the following steps.


I encounter the two same errors. While the first regarding uboot can be 
ignored, it seems the second comes from using dash instead bash as 
default shell. Maybe /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/dash on your system. 
On a debian system, using "sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash" may help (see
However I can't certify this is really the cause because I didn't have 
time to rebuild one more time.


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