What to use while waiting of v2?

David Pottage david at electric-spoon.com
Sun Dec 16 19:34:48 CET 2007

Ben wrote:
> I can't hold out any longer.
> I need a PDA that will work as reliably as possble, have a few options
> for easy automatic sync (with Mac or Linux) or at least automatic
> backup. I will be using it to implement GTD (Getting Things Done).
> Phone not essential.
> I don't need it to be open, non-evil, etc. I just need it's
> shortcomings to be outweighed by the ease of backup and sync it has
> over a Hipster PDA (Notebook and Pen).
Nokia N800 or N810?

Both are Linux PDA & web tablet like devices, running linux, (and I
think GTK), so depending on your view of Nokia, they are fairly open and
non-evil. They don't have a Cellular interface though, so the only way
they can be used for phone calls is via Skype or another VoIP service
when you are near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The N810, which was announced recently and may not be available yet, has
a slide out keyboard and a GPS, otherwise it is similar to the N800.

They are remarkably small, more like a large smartphone than a PDA.

I work for Nokia, (but not in device development) BTW, so you may wish
to take my views with some salt.

David Pottage

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