What to use while waiting of v2?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at computer.org
Sun Dec 16 22:47:21 CET 2007

Am 16.12.2007 um 21:54 schrieb Marcin Juszkiewicz:

> Dnia niedziela, 16 grudnia 2007, Ben napisał:
>> I can't hold out any longer.
>> I need a PDA that will work as reliably as possble, have a few  
>> options
>> for easy automatic sync (with Mac or Linux) or at least automatic
>> backup. I will be using it to implement GTD (Getting Things Done).
>> Phone not essential.
>> I don't need it to be open, non-evil, etc. I just need it's
>> shortcomings to be outweighed by the ease of backup and sync it has
>> over a Hipster PDA (Notebook and Pen).
> Any recent Windows Mobile PDA then.
> Sorry to say that but after playing with few LinuxPDA environments  
> I would
> move to Windows Mobile PDA if will have to buy one.

Fortunaltely, there is no need to do such a strange move for a  
Mac&Linux addict...

There is the Sharp Zaurus which is amongst the best PDAs out there.  
It simply works for daily useage (software is stable!), has a QWERY  
keyboard, a twistable full VGA display (like the OpenMoko) and allows  
to install alternate ROMs with e.g. Angstrom, Debian, OpenBSD if you  
don't like the original Sharp Linux.

It can be expanded by CF (WLAN, GPS, GPRS) and SD cards.

And for syncing with a Mac, there is ZMacSync http://www.dsitri.de/ 

-- hns

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