Neo1973 advanced kit for sale

Jan Dittmer jdi at
Mon Dec 17 10:50:53 CET 2007


I don't know if that's the appropriate place, but probably at least

some interested people may hang out around here. To make a

long story short: I'm selling my Neo1973 advanced kit (from the

first delivery). I rarely used and hacked on it due to time constraints.

So if anyone is interested to buy it, preferably in germany, with all

taxes payed and full accessoires, as listed on the shop page, drop

me an email. Original and current price is 450$ device + 80$ shipping /

1.4 $/eur * 1.19 tax = ca. 450 eur. I ask 350 eur for it including


in Europe. Anyone interested? The device is in good overall condition.

I'd also sell only the phone without extras for 250 eur.


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