Compulab EM-X270 Wireless PDA Module

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Wed Dec 19 17:08:45 CET 2007

Dear all,
this is just a reminder and info about the status of the group buy.

We have got 11 orders so far - and approx. 6 weeks left to fill the  
gap to reach the target of 100 units. This means that we need a  
little more speed.

But I know that it is difficult to come to a decision, as the GTA02  
is also expected to be available in February. And, I assume that many  
of you are still in the decision process which will not come to a  
conclusion before Christmas and New Year. So, I would not draw too  
much predictions on the outcome before end of January...

Some FAQ:

Q: Is there a case?

A: No. We need to develop one. There are ideas for 3D printers which  
looks as if one can reach approx. US$ 40 for a case.

Please refer to the ideas/discussions/links on http://

If you are capable of developing/making a case please let us know and  
discuss openly.

Q: Is the module still available after the group buy or is this a one- 

A: If the group buy is successful, i.e. we reach our target, we will  
decide to buy more units and/or start a second round.

Compulab promises to have all their modules in production (at least  
components in stock) for approx. 3-4 years. Please
refer to their home page for details: 
and-support/life-cycle.htm. So if you start a development
project on this module you can be sure that the module is available  
for longer time and we will try our best to make it
really available to small scale projects.

Q: Who is doing support?

A: Compulab does not provide direct support beyond their public home  
page. To get technical support, you must buy it
in addition. We will bundle the issues and handle warranty exchanges  
ourselves. And, the openmoko Wiki page , this mailing list  
and perhaps other resources (dedicated mailing
list, OESF forum, etc.) can be formed by the user community.

If you have questions about the module or the buying process, please  
contact me.

Nikolaus Schaller

Am 05.12.2007 um 13:07 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:

> Hi all,
> we all love choice and openness.
> Currently, there is only the GTA01 available for OpenMoko and the  
> GTA02 still needs some time. This has raised the search for  
> alternatives. Especially the Wireless PDA module EM-X270 from  
> Compulabs was discussed positively - except for its missing  
> availability to single individuals.
> Therefore, we have decided to start a Group Purchase. The target is  
> to reach 100 ordered units so that the price remains reasonable for  
> everyone.
> Well, it *is* more expensive than a GTA02 will be. It *is* more  
> expensive than an iPhone (subsidized). But it is superior in some  
> (not all) aspects, quite open and you can install Angstrom Linux.
> More details can be found at these links:
> General Info:
> Manufacturers page:
> About Linux:
> A device comparison:
> X270#Comparison_with_the_FIC_Neo1973
> Group Purchase:
> Please don't be scared to death by our price of EUR 649,- compared  
> to the $122 written in the data sheet. We can't do magical cloning  
> or beaming of hardware (only with open source software :-).
> First of all, the $122 is the naked board with minimum memory and  
> CPU clock, no display, no battery, no keyboard, no GPS, no GPRS,  
> etc. We have choosen to bet on the most powerful version (so that  
> it is still a competitive device in 2-3 years). Next, Compulab has  
> a multiplier factor for orders below 1k units. Finally, this price  
> includes all our handling, shipment from the manufacturer to our  
> stock, some import duties, warranties, risk reserve funds, stock  
> management and handling cost, credit card processing cost, etc. And  
> finally some compensation for the time we spend doing this instead  
> of other things. The largest single cost component is the German  
> VAT of 19%. If you are ordering from outside Germany there are  
> options that we ship with no VAT (i.e. 545,38 EUR).
> So, our target is to reach 100 ordered units by end of January  
> 2008. You can help to get choice into the OpenMoko world by either  
> ordering a Compulab Module or at least spreading this information  
> and directing those who are interested to us.
> One more thing ...
> ... if Angstrom works, OpenMoko should also work with some  
> adaptations. And QuantumSTEP as well.
> Nikolaus Schaller
> Am 13.11.2007 um 01:50 schrieb Robin Paulson:
>> On 13/11/2007, Peter Naulls <peter at> wrote:
>>>>     My requirements are:  640x480 (for suitably transcoded movies),
>>> [snip broken up requirements]
>>> Yes, I'm quite aware that the GTA02 meets these requirements, as  
>>> does
>>> the UTC universal.
>>> The question is, do any _other_ phones also fall into this  
>>> category?  Of
>>> course, I do want
>>> to run OpenMoko, and will do the necessary work if really  
>>> required to
>>> make it do so if
>>> it already runs linux.
>> some of us have been talking off list about a module from Compulab
>> that may be suitable. it is an ARM device, has a ready to go Angstrom
>> linux image, 640 x 480 screen, gprs, wi-fi, bluetooth and gps. all it
>> needs is a case. see:
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