Community update, Thursday, December 20 2007

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Dec 20 21:45:48 CET 2007


GTA01 850MHz Experiment
As mentioned in the last update, we modified a couple of GTA01 handsets 
for 850MHz operation to test them in the USA. Due to the enthusiastic 
response I received to my request for testing volunteers I've asked our 
hardware group to modify a few more phones. I don't know when, or even 
if, they will be able to do this. Meanwhile, I'll be sending out the 
units I have to the testers, along with a simple test plan.

GSM Firmware Update
We are still waiting for the signed agreement allowing you to update the 
GSM firmware yourselves. Meanwhile, we have resolved the difficulties I 
was having in performing the upgrade, and I am now able to upgrade your 
handsets. Anyone interested in having me do this should contact me at 
michael at

GTA01 Advanced Kit price reduction

We have dropped the price of the GTA01 Advanced Kit from $450 to $399. 
I'm pretty sure that's effective immediately and should be reflected at 
our web store right now.

The price of Base Kit remains the same.


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